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Gentrification in San Francisco

San Francisco. Getty Images/ Hoberman Collection
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Silicon Valley buses, trendy condos & hipster coffee shops. Has gentrification become a dirty word in San Francisco? For thousands, revitalization has forced them out of their neighborhoods and confused their sense of community. But for many new residents, moving into the area means a better life. So in a city built on diversity, how can it continue to grow without succumbing to class warfare? Join us at 7:30pmET.

On this episode of The Stream, we'll speak to:

Gabriel Metcalf @gmetcalf
Executive Director, SPUR

Jennifer Friedenbach
Executive Director, Coalition on Homelessness

Bruce Huie @BruceHuie
Member, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association

Maria Zamudio @M_Ixchel_Z
Housing Rights Organizer, Causa Justa (Just Cause)

Reza Harris aka Dregs One @Dregs_One
Musician, Activist

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Housing prices in San Francisco increased 26% between 2011 and 2012, with the median home price rising to almost $600,000. The average rent of a two-bedroom property is over $1,900 per month, or 4.6 full-time jobs at San Francisco's minimum wage.

The Mission District is one area in San Francisco that has been most affected by the influx of tech workers and subsequent increase in housing costs. This documentary shows the Mission District two years ago. 


San Francisco

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