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October 17, 2014

'Climate Warrior' canoes attempt to block coal ships

Activists descend on coal port to draw attention to climate change in South Pacific.

Police remove protesters in traditional canoes at the Newcastle, Australia coal port, October 17, 2014 (REUTERS/DAVID GRAY)

Paddling kayaks, canoes and surfboards, several hundred environmental activists attempted to blockade the world's largest coal export port in Australia on Friday.

Many of the protestors came from small island nations in the South Pacific, and sought to draw attention to the connection between Australia's coal industry and rising sea levels in their home territories. Australia's reliance on coal for electricity has contributed to its status as one of highest greenhouse gas emitters per capita.

On Twitter, netizens used the hashtags #StandUpForThePacific and #ClimateWarriors to show their support for the attempted blockade.

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