Derailed Amtrak train sped into deadly crash curve

Train topped 100 mph, twice the legal limit, before derailing, according to an Amtrak data feed


UPDATED: May 14, 4:05 p.m.

Train 188 recorded a speed of 106 mph before it headed into a curve designed for 50 mph, according to data from Amtrak's Track a Train feature.

The map below includes speed readings for Train 188's trip from Washington, D.C., until just before the crash.

Click for exact speed and time measurements.


Source: Amtrak Track a Train, Al Jazeera reporting.

Train 188 was traveling significantly faster than other trains passing through the same curve in the past two and a half months, according to an Al Jazeera America analysis. While 45 other trains traveled above 50 mph in the curve, only one was above 55 mph: Amtrak 180, a train traveling at 55.5 mph on May 8th from Washington D.C. to New York’s Penn Station.

Al Jazeera obtained the data by periodically downloading train locations from Amtrak's online "Track a Train" interactive map, which displays the locations and speeds of Amtrak trains across the country. For this graphic, data is limited to northbound trains on the Northeast Regional line traveling through the site of Tuesday's crash.

Source: Amtrak Track a Train, Al Jazeera reporting.