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Al Jazeera America is an American news channel reporting unbiased, fact-based and in-depth journalism that gets you closer to the people at the heart of the news.

First announced in January of 2013 and launched on August 20th, Al Jazeera America has one of the largest newsgathering capabilities of any news organization in the United States with 12 bureaus in major cities around the country, 3 broadcast centers, a headquarters in New York City and a team of close to 800 journalists and staff.

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12/6/2013 Al Jazeera America launched on Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and other major markets increasing the total number of U.S. homes with access to the channel to 55 million.
11/4/2013 Al Jazeera America announced that celebrated journalist Ray Suarez has joined the channel as the permanent host of its daily program Inside Story. Suarez, a veteran television news correspondent, began hosting the program on Monday, Nov. 11.
10/24/2013Time Warner Cable and Al Jazeera America announced that they have reached an agreement to bring Al Jazeera America to Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks customers' lineups. The channel will be launched on digital basic in Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks markets, including New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, over the next six months.
8/29/2013 Al Jazeera America announced that Mark Coatney has been named the channel’s first senior vice president of digital media. Coatney is renowned for his trailblazing achievements and leadership in social and digital media.
8/20/2013 Al Jazeera Media Network launches as a new U.S.-based news channel providing both domestic news and international news for American audiences. The new channel is headquartered in New York City with 12 bureaus in major cities around the country and 3 broadcast centers.
8/6/2013Al Jazeera America announced that Kathy Davidov has joined the channel as Al Jazeera America’s senior executive producer and Cynthia Kane as the senior producer for its new in-house documentary film unit.
8/5/2013Al Jazeera America announced that veteran financial journalists Patricia Sabga, Duarte Geraldino and Stacey Tisdale have joined the channel’s primetime business program Real Money with Ali Velshi.
7/30/2013Al Jazeera America announced the correspondents reporting from the channel’s 12 new U.S. news bureaus.
7/26/2013Al Jazeera America announced that Emmy Award-winning journalist Antonio Mora has joined the channel as host of "Consider This," a weeknight current affairs talk show showcasing hard-hitting interviews and panel discussions on issues important to American viewers.
7/24/2013Al Jazeera America announces that Emmy Award-winning journalist Joie Chen will host "America Tonight," the channel’s daily primetime news and current affairs magazine program.
7/24/2013Al Jazeera America announces that veteran investigative reporter and author Trevor Aaronson will be joining the channel’s 16-person investigative unit.
7/23/2013Al Jazeera America announces that Marc Gatto has been named executive vice president for broadcast operations and technology.
7/22/2013Al Jazeera America names its Interim CEO, President, and senior editorial leadership. The Acting Director General of Al Jazeera Media Network, Dr. Mostefa Souag, announces that Ehab Al Shihabi, executive director for international operations, has been named interim chief executive officer of Al Jazeera America, and ABC News veteran Kate O’Brian has been named its president. Dr. Souag also announces that the groundbreaking American news channel is scheduled to launch on August 20, 2013. SVPs David Doss, Marcy McGinness and Shannon High-Bassalik are also announced.
7/15/2013Al Jazeera America has hired renowned Emmy Award-winning journalist Sheila MacVicar as a correspondent for America Tonight, its daily primetime current affairs magazine program.
7/11/2013Al Jazeera America announces the hiring of four news anchors who will present live news throughout the day from the channel's headquarters in NYC. The first four news anchors to be announced are Jonathan Betz, Richelle Carey, Morgan Fogarty and Del Walters.
7/1/2013Al Jazeera America today announces that it has signed an agreement with Emmy Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien’s production company, Starfish Media Group. O’Brien will contribute short-form segments as Special Correspondent to Al Jazeera America’s primetime current affairs magazine program “America Tonight,” and Starfish will produce hour-long documentary specials.
6/19/2013Al Jazeera America announces that an American version of the award-winning program, "The Stream," will be part of its daily programming lineup.
6/18/2013Al Jazeera America names veteran journalist Bob Wheelock senior executive producer.
6/17/2013Al Jazeera America announces that a one-hour current affairs magazine program called America Tonight will be at the heart of its daily schedule. America Tonight, which will air at 9:00 p.m., will present in-depth segments each night on the economy, government, education, healthcare and the environment, and include breaking news. The show will incorporate contributions from six correspondents reporting from around the United States.
6/10/2013Al Jazeera America announces that eight-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Josh Bernstein will be the channel’s on-air investigative reporter based in Washington, D.C.
6/5/2013Former NBC correspondent and Emmy® Award winner Michael Viqueira has been hired by Al Jazeera America to be its White House correspondent.
5/7/2013Veteran business news journalist John Meehan has been hired as senior executive producer of financial and business coverage for Al Jazeera America.
5/2/2013Al Jazeera America announces that it will open a bureau in Detroit, Michigan, home of America's auto industry and an area hit hardest by recession back in 2008. The Detroit bureau will focus on stories that show how news and politics effects one of America's biggest industry.
4/30/2103Al Jazeera America announces that it will open a bureau in Chicago, which will accommodate at least three new employees, including on-air talent. The Chicago bureau will focus on telling the stories of the people of Chicago, Ill., and the rest of the Midwest, especially how news events in the region affect those across the U.S.
4/18/2013Al Jazeera America names Andrea Stone (The Huffington Post/USA Today) and Tony Karon (time.com/foxnews.com) as senior online executive producers and co-leaders of its digital news team.
4/15/2013Veteran journalist Ed Pound, formerly an investigative reporter for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and US News & World Report, is hired by Al Jazeera America to lead its 16-person investigative news unit.
4/4/2013Al Jazeera America announces the hiring of Ali Velshi, CNN’s former chief business correspondent and host of “Your Money,” to develop and host a daily primetime business program.
1/2/2013Al Jazeera Media Network announces the purchase of Current TV and the creation of Al Jazeera America, a new U.S.-based news channel that will provide both domestic and international coverage for American audiences.

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