Al Jazeera America to Have Significant Presence in Chicago


NEW YORK – (April 30, 2013) – Al Jazeera America, the new American news channel that will launch later this year, announced today that the existing Chicago bureau will be expanded to become one of the 12 new American bureaus in the system. At least three new employees, including on-air talent, will be hired in the coming days.

“It is important for Al Jazeera America to report on the news from where it’s happening,” said Ehab Al Shihabi, executive director of international operations for Al Jazeera and the senior executive in charge of developing the new channel. “Chicago is a critically important city from a financial, political and social perspective. We could not create a channel that fully covers U.S. news and events without having a significant bureau in the Windy City.”

The expanded bureau will focus on telling the stories of the people of Chicago, Ill., and the rest of the Midwest, especially how news events in the region affect those across the U.S.

Al Jazeera America also announced that it will offer internships at its New York City headquarters for Chicago area journalism students. Interns will learn about and participate in the research, planning, shooting and editing of shows on the new channel, and they will work closely with staff to create on-air and online content.


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