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NEW YORK – November 16, 2015 – Al Jazeera America (AJAM) will be airing special coverage this week following the attacks in Paris. As events unfolded on Friday evening, AJAM, in conjunction with its sister network Al Jazeera English, aired live coverage from Paris, including reports by the first English speaking reporter at the site of the attacks. This week’s coverage follows a weekend of rolling news since late Friday afternoon ET.

AJAM’s John Seigenthaler led the on-the-ground team reporting for the network from Paris, with Sheila MacVicar, Dana Lewis and Adam Raney contributing to the coverage, which included an hour-long special, “The Paris Attacks,” anchored by Randall Pinkston airing at 8PM ET on Saturday. AJAM's Mike Viqueira is also reporting from the G20 in Antalya, Turkey and contributed to AJAM's 8PM ET special program on Saturday.

Tonight and tomorrow, AJAM will continue in-depth coverage of the Paris attacks and ongoing investigations throughout the prime time schedule (all times ET):

·         Ray Suarez will address the question of what is needed to defeat ISIL on Inside Story, airing at 6:30PM.

·         Tony Harris will wrap up all of the day’s top news on the investigation into the attacks during AJAM’s 7PM news hour.

·         John Seigenthaler will anchor the 8PM news hour from the Place de la Republique, which will include reports by Sheila MacVicar, Dana Lewis and Adam Raney from Paris, Paul Brennan from Belgium and Mike Viqueira from the G20 in Turkey; Jacob Ward also will report on the technology and math of encrypted communications.

·         At 9PM, Ali Velshi will host On Target from Istanbul, where coalition forces are actively engaged in fighting the ISIL threat across the border in Iraq; guests will include ISIL expert Graeme Wood and Istanbul-based journalist Andrew Finkel.

·         At 9:30PM, America Tonight’s Sheila MacVicar will have the compelling stories and personal accounts from survivors of the events on Friday; Josh Rushing, who previously reported for AJAM from Northern Iraq, will have an in-depth look at threats to the homeland and military options to defeat ISIL; and host Joie Chen will examine the financing of ISIL’s activities through their campaign of cultural genocide.

·         AJAM’s international news hour with Antonio Mora at 10PM will have the latest news on the investigation and manhunt, and put the day’s events into context.

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