Al Jazeera America presents: “FIVE DAYS IN DETROIT”

A special five-part series on the resurgence of Detroit, one of America’s landmark cities

Airing all this week at 8pm ET and 11pm ET

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This week at 8pm ET and 11pm ET, Al Jazeera America presents the first of a provocative new series that will take a week-long, in-depth look at America’s cities. 

In the first of the series, Detroit correspondent Bisi Onile-Ere brings “Five Days in Detroit,” showcasing the promising changes emerging in the Motor City, including decreasing crime, the revitalization of urban neighborhoods and a new community of entrepreneurs. After years of steady job loss and decreasing city services, “Five Days in Detroit” uncovers positive signs amid the city’s ongoing financial difficulties.

“With our new ‘Five Days In…’ ongoing series, we put a spotlight on America’s cities and look deeper into the issues impacting their communities,” said Kate O’Brian, President, Al Jazeera America. “This week in Detroit, we talk to some of the people making a difference and turning around perceptions of this key city in America’s history. In the future we will be highlighting other American cities.”

Tune in weeknights at 8 pm for:

·         Tonight, Monday, 4/14: “Top Cop.” Detroit is not only battling bankruptcy, it's also fighting a reputation as one of the nation’s most dangerous places to live.  Correspondent Bisi Onile-Ere profiles Police Chief James Craig and talks to residents who are seeing a reduction in crime.

·         Tuesday, 4/15: “Brain Drain.” In a city once plagued by high unemployment, Al Jazeera America look at two new business startups owned by millennials. Featuring fashion entrepreneur Emily Thornhill and Dan Ward, co-founder of Detroit Labs, a builder and designer of mobile apps.

·         Wednesday, 4/16: “Detroit Blight.” With the city aiming to remove 400-500 blighted structures every week, or an estimated 80,000 structures in the next five years, Al Jazeera America examines the move to revitalize Detroit’s neighborhoods and asks what happens next after blighted buildings are removed.

·         Thursday, 4/17: “Ponyride.” Meet young Detroit restauranteur and property owner Phillip Cooley, a co-owner of Slows Bar-B-Q in downtown Detroit, who’s trying to make a difference in a town that others have written off.  Cooley, who bought a 30,000 sq. ft. building for $100,000, now rents out to small, socially conscious business owners for .20 cents a sq. ft. 

·         Friday, 4/18: “Detroit Symphony.” Nearly bankrupt 3 years ago, the Detroit Symphony has taken on the motto, "the most accessible symphony on the planet."  Al Jazeera America looks at how the symphony has successfully modernized and drawn in new music fans, as the only symphony in the world to webcast all concerts for free.


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