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New York, NY, January 26, 2016 – This Sunday, January 31st at 10pm ET/7pm PT, Al Jazeera America airs the original new documentary, “In Ebola’s Wake,” by Docdays Productions. The film provides a rare look at the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak and the price paid by one Liberian community, even after the disease has moved on. 

“In Ebola’s Wake” focuses on the story of Liberian resident Stanley Juah, a survivor of the disease who lost his entire family because of a fateful decision: at the height of the outbreak, Stanley defied a quarantine order and brought his son, a suspected Ebola patient, from Monrovia to his home village of Taylor Town. A few days later, Stanley’s son began showing symptoms of the disease and died, but not before infecting other villagers. In all, fourteen people died as a result of Stanley’s decision. When we meet Stanley, he has been cast out of the town and has even received death threats from his former neighbors and friends.

“In Ebola’s Wake” tracks Stanley’s emotional journey as he tries to reconcile with his town.  In early 2015, Stanley finally returns to Taylor Town to face his former friends and neighbors in the village but is Taylor Town ready to forgive?

“In Ebola’s Wake” depicts the profound societal effects of the Ebola outbreak long after the news cameras and international aid organizations have left the scene.

A Film by Carl Gierstorfer. Produced by Docdays Productions in Co-Production with Al Jazeera America and SWR in collaboration with ARTE. Supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Distributed by: PBS International

About Docdays Productions

DOCDAYS Productions is a contemporary, full service, media production company based in Berlin. We are committed to developing and producing non-fictional, story driven film, television and new media that reflect emotions and stories beyond borders. Through combining innovative and traditional approaches, we create entertaining and convincing media that makes a memorable, lasting impact.

DOCDAYS Productions is the brainchild of Jean Boué and Antje Boehmert, who collectively have almost forty years’ experience in creating award-winning media for broadcasters worldwide.

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