Freedom of food choice vs. fighting teen obesity

May 27, 2015

Texas plans to return the freedom to choose fried food to kids in schools


Freedom of food choice vs. fighting teen obesity

Texas kids have a weight problem. One-in-six high school students are considered obese. But Texas’ new agriculture commissioner says he has plan to fix all that. Sid Miller, who’s also a professional rodeo rider, says the Lone Star State’s prohibition on deep-fat frying and soda sales in schools restricts student freedom. And so, after a ten-year ban, he plans to let school districts to serve food cooked in deep-fryers and sell diet soda. Miller says the current school-nutrition regulations are too restrictive on local school districts. “It’s not about French fries, it’s about freedom,” he said. But the move is giving heartburn to health experts, who say the move could undermine the health of Texas students state-wide. Miller, a first-term agriculture commissioner, has the ultimate authority to change the Texas Agriculture Code, which determines school-nutrition rules. David Ariosto sits down with Sid Miller and sits in on a school lunch in Dallas.


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