The Dark Web has become a black market Amazon

July 23, 2015

Sex, guns and even contract killings are for sale in the deep corners of the Web invisible to most of us


The Dark Web has become a black market Amazon

Created by the US Navy, the mission of the dark web was to protect confidential miltary secrets and have open source intelligence gathering. It used a program called TOR, using a labriyith network of virtual tunnels, By avoiding a direct connection, TOR allows individuals to share public networks without compromising privacy. It was soon adopted by journalists and activists in foreign countries like Iran and Syria where information is often censored. This time last year it was believed that there were only 18,000 products on the dark web. Today, there are nearly 69 thousand products listed across 10 major black markets; two thirds of the inventories are drugs. The rest of the products include weapons, stolen credit card accounts, human organs, malware, and as we found...hit men for hire... There are over 50,000 of these human trafficking sites on the dark web alone....with the traffickers spending about 250 million dollars posting 60 million advertisements on the internet.. But between encryption, bitcoins and the dark web, prosecuting crimes linked to these sites becomes difficult. But being able to track that digital footprint was nearly impossible until recently. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency built a program called memex intended to crack down on sex trafficking rings and other commerce on the dark web. Right now it is only in the hands of a few agencies, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Junior's sex trafficking unit is among them .


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