Does Amazon represent America’s new work culture?

August 20, 2015

Controversy over the company's work culture has hit a nerve over work-life balance at Amazon and elsewhere


Does Amazon represent America’s new work culture?

The New York Times published a report profiling the bruising corporate culture at, the online retailer that has grown into a behemoth with a stock valuation of $250 billion, surpassing even Wal-Mart. Observers say it has done that over the years by pressing hard on its white-collar and blue-collar employees to deliver the best returns for the company. But the article came with some eye-opening accounts — mostly from former employees — about the intense work environment at Amazon. The pressure is so high that Amazon is said to churn through its workers — most of whom manage to hold on for a few years at most. But the article says that's intentional strategy: Take in new workers to help spin the Amazon machine until it wears them out, leaving only the most committed to survive.


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