How investigators catch workers comp scammers

February 9, 2016

Illinois based private investigator Bob Kiehn makes his living busting workers comp fraudsters. Here’s how he does it


How investigators catch workers comp scammers

Hundreds of thousands of American workers who are seriously injured on the job each year depend on the money they get from workers' compensation benefits. State laws require employers to buy workers' comp insurance so they can provide medical care and lost wages to people hurt at work. In exchange, workers give up the right to sue their employers. A 2015 investigation by ProPublica and NPR shined a harsh light on new workers' comp laws in dozens of states. Those laws have cut benefits, given employers and insurance companies more control over medical care, and made it more difficult for workers to qualify for coverage. Most workers who file workers comp claims are honest, hardworking employees. But employers and insurance companies claim that workers' compensation fraud accounts for $7.2 billion in unnecessary costs a year. We tagged along with Illinois based private investigator Bob Kiehn, who makes his living busting the fraudsters. For more about Private Eye Bob Kiehn:


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