Philadelphia’s dirty school problem

November 29, 2015

Parents and teachers say they’ve had enough of classrooms filled with mold and asbestos, bathrooms backed up with waste


Philadelphia’s dirty school problem

Take a look inside a Philadelphia school and you’ll be surprised by what you find — peeling lead-based paint, toys contaminated with rodent droppings, mold and mildew creeping through classroom walls. City Controller Alan Butkovitz released a series of reports this fall that say the school district for years neglected routine maintenance while the problems were still manageable. The result: several “deplorable” buildings that are “dangerous environments” for children and teachers alike, he wrote. But the school system says it’s doing as much as it can with available resources. In this America Tonight excerpt, Lisa Fletcher talks to parents and teachers about the worsening conditions of their schools and asks the school system what it’s doing to make things better.


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