America’s long history of deporting Mexicans

February 11, 2016

Donald Trump’s mass deportation plan is a reminder of an ugly period in US history


America’s long history of deporting Mexicans

During a recent Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump cited President Dwight Eisenhower’s illegal immigrant deportation plan of the 1950s as an example of how his own deportation plan would work. What Trump failed to mention is that Eisenhower’s plan, called Operation Wetback, was riddled with human rights abuses and resulted in hundreds of deportees’ deaths. And 20 years before Eisenhower’s deportation effort, President Herbert Hoover had his mass deportation plan, the Repatriation. Now many Mexican-Americans are wondering if history will repeat itself. In this America Tonight excerpt, Joie Chen meets with Arturo Flores, whose parents were deported from Texas to Mexico in 1931.


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