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Sep 16

Soledad O'Brien in Haiti: Many rebuild on their own after quake

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Special Correspondent Soledad O'Brien reports from a refugee camp outside Port-au-Prince where many Haitians are still waiting for more permanent housing after their homes were damaged in the country's devastating 2010 earthquake.

O'Brien visited the dusty refugee camp known as Corail. For more than three years, an estimated 40,000 Haitians have been living there. They've been lured by the promise of a new Haiti that would spring from 9 billion tons of rubble.

Jimmy Raphael was one of the first to come to Corail three months after the earthquake. Like thousands of other Haitians displaced by the earthquake, Raphael and his family were promised better, safer and eventually permanent housing. But that hasn't been the case, especially in his mother's home.

"When you come in, you see it is very small," Raphael told O'Brien. "You look up and you see the roof is metal, and the sun is hot. The house is boiling hot."

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