Feb 27 2:52 PM

Are global human rights worsening?

Every year, the U.S. State Department gathers intelligence and news from around the world and publishes it in an all-encompassing report on human rights.

Today the latest report was released, and it criticized friend and foe alike. The State Department deplored the killing of civilians in conflict zones like Syria. It denounced the suppression of dissent and abuse of protesters in places like Cuba, Turkey and Vietnam. Restrictions on press freedoms in a wide range of countries were mentioned, too — including the continued jailing of four of our Al Jazeera colleagues by the Egyptian government.

Inside Story/Al Jazeera America

Where are human rights abused the worst?

How can the international community combat abuses?

What is the U.S. doing to rectify hostile environments?

We consulted a panel of experts for the Inside Story.

This panel was assembled for the broadcast of “Inside Story.” 

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