Radical technology that alters the sky to cool the planet

April 30, 2015

Duarte Geraldino reports on technology that fights global warming by reducing the amount of sunlight absorbed


Radical technology that alters the sky to cool the planet

Governments and businesses around the world are preparing for a future when Earth's average temperature is much hotter than it is today. Just a two-degree difference can alter sea levels, change weather patterns, leave millions of people starving and fuel wars over resources as seemingly basic as water and grain. With so much on the line, a group of top American scientists is now calling for direct research into climate engineering. Specifically, they want us to understand what it would mean to engineer our planet so that it does *NOT* absorb as much sunlight as it does today. It sounds like science fiction and could cause more life-threatening problems than it solves, but as Duarte Geraldino reports, America's top minds now agree we have the technical skill, machines, and materials needed to alter the sky. They also warn that the pressure to tweak the stratosphere could soon be too great to resist.


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