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Jan 10
The Stream

Haiti: 4 years after the quake

The Stream (Al Jazeera)

Haiti: 4 years later. How far has the country come since its devastating quake? 300,000 remain homeless. 650,000 have been sickened by a cholera epidemic believed to have been caused by UN workers. The U.S. initially pledged $1.5 billion in aid; less than 1% went to help local non-profits. So who’s to blame for the slow recovery? Haitians join us to discuss the issues on Friday at 7:30pm ET.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Kysseline Chérestal @KysseCherestal
Senior Policy Analyst, ActionAid USA

Romel Jean Pierre @Romel1116
Co-founder, TeleGhetto Haiti

Bildad Michel
Co-founder, Prosperity of God Ministries

Ben Smilowitz @BENatDAP
Executive director, Disaster Accountability Project

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