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The high price of Olympic glory

Eva Rodansky competes in the US Long Track Championships at the Utah Olympic Oval.
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images.
The Stream (Al Jazeera)

The road to the Olympics is paved with hard work, discipline and for some, abuse. Over the past few years, more athletes have come forward about the psychological and at times, sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches. Some say there’s ‘no gain without pain’ but when does coaching cross the line? Join us to discuss at 7:30pm ET with elite athletes.

On this episode of The Stream, we'll speak to:

John Little @saeedandlittle

Katherine Starr @safe4athletes
Founder, Safe4Athletes

Nancy Hogshead-Makar @Hogshead3Au
Attorney, Senior Director of Advocacy, Women’s Sports Foundation 

Dr. Mitch Abrams @MitchAbramsPsyD

Eva Rodansky
Olympic Hopeful

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