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Dec 23
The Stream

Puerto Rico teachers protest against pension reform

Teachers protest in the gallery of the Senate after failing to reform a public pension system in Puerto Rico.
(AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo)
The Stream (Al Jazeera)

Since December 19, members of Puerto Rico's teachers union and their supporters have been protesting both inside the island's Senate chamber and outside its Capitol against pension reform legislation advocated by governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. The purpose of the action was to "ensure that the 150 designated [chamber] seats are occupied by teachers," according to Eva Ayala, a protest leader. In response on Monday, Garcia Padilla warned teachers to desist, saying the Puerto Rican constitution "does not give [teachers] the right to protest."

Despite Garcia Padilla's warning, the protests continued Monday, while Puerto Rico's Senate considers a final vote on the plan. The island's House of Representatives approved the reform bill over the weekend.

The hashtag #RetiroMaestros (#TeachersRetirement) contains the latest updates, which include reports of three arrests today.

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