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Sep 13
The Stream

Mister Cee and hip hop

A turntable spins. Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
2003 Getty Images

Mister Cee, or Calvin LeBund, one of the most popular hip-hop DJs in America, chose to resign two days ago. The decision was made one day after an audio clip surfaced where he can be heard soliciting sex from a transgender prostitute. For two decades Cee provided hip-hop fans and listeners of New York City radio station Hot 97 with key segments including his "Throwback At Noon" mix. Cee claims he was "tired of putting the station through (negative publicity)...I don't want you guys to lose sponsors and money..."

In a radio interview with station Program Director Ebro Darden, Cee goes into intimate details about the encounter and his own sexuality, which he implies he is still figuring out. The two also discuss Cee's past transgressions, which include two similar run-ins with the law.  The interview can be replayed in whole below:

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