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Sep 26

Utah high school football team suspended over cyberbullying

A high school football field in Audubon, New Jersey on April 26, 2008 (Jeff Fusco/Getty Images for Reebok).
2008 Getty Images

The football season was cut short for 80 high schoolers in Roosevelt, Utah when their coach asked for their jerseys back on September 20. Union High football coach Matt Labrum was fed up with his players getting in trouble for acting out in class, or skipping class entirely, but a cyberbullying incident was the final straw.

A student at the school who was dealing with harassment on the social network site believed his bullies were members of the football team. The site, which allows users to ask questions of others anonymously, has been linked to at least five teen suicides globally. The school was unable to prove the identities of the cyberbullies, but Labrum and the football staff met with the student to apologize for their players' behavior.

Labrum (pictured below with the football team) then drafted the letter informing his players that he was disbanding the team.

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