Jan 17 1:48 PM

Exclusive interview: Glenn Greenwald on NSA spying [VIDEO]

The Stream (Al Jazeera)

In an exclusive interview with The Stream on January 16, journalist Glenn Greenwald shared his thoughts on the NSA surveillance program ahead of Pres. Obama's speech on planned reforms to the agency. 

It’s really just basically a PR gesture, a way to calm the public and to make them think there’s reform when in reality there really won’t be.

On Obama's planed NSA reforms

On NSA spying motives:

...a huge bulk of the spying doesn't even arguably have anything to do with terrorism or national security. So the question then becomes, what is the motive? ... I think it is more about power than anything else.

On whether the NSA is needed:

I think we need some degree of targeted spying... we don't need what the NSA has become, which is an agency devoted to creating a ubiquitous system of suspicion-less spying.


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