Top comments: "How can a machine honor human rights?"

by @dominica_lim December 11, 2013 12:26PM ET

Our audience debate whether the U.S. should halt the use of drones in warfare.


Yesterday, the United Nations celebrated Human Rights Day in an effort to advance respect for human rights around the world. In the past year, the use of military drones has become a controversial topic among human rights groups who claim missile attacks have killed innocent civilians. President Barack Obama has defended the use of drone strikes to justify targeting suspected Al-Qaeda militants without risking the lives of American troops. 

We polled our audience and results showed 69% of people in favor of the U.S. halting the use of drones in warfare, while 31% believe the U.S. should not.

The justification for those in support of halting the use of drones seemingly divided into various issues ranging from human rights, the economy, to comparing number of fatalities.


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