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Every day, the Al Jazeera America audience weighs in on important issues, events and ideas. Shawn Bryan shares her thoughts on Bloomberg, concerned moms aim to mess with Texas gun laws

"These laws have completely upended my ability to secure myself and my child, while not doing anything to stop the criminals. They've turned me into an irresponsible, feckless and untrustable person because I carry a firearm. They legislate against me without taking a look at the real problems of crime, which are directly related to my need to carry a firearm. 

While I agree in whole or in principle with the majority of firearm laws, I also realize that you cannot solve a problem with more and more legislation. Let's start with enforcing the over 1000 laws, regulations and requirements in place currently. I do believe in universal registration of all firearms (I think they should have titles like cars so they can be tracked), I do believe in restricting sales to unfit people (violent criminals, domestic abusers, drug dealers etc...); however I do not believe that the existing system is being effectively executed."

-Shawn Bryan

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Jamie in Florida

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