#FreeAJStaff: A global day of action

by @dominica_lim February 27, 2014 5:16PM ET

Al Jazeera America marks a global day of solidarity for journalists detained in Egypt


The worldwide campaign for the release of Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt continues to gain momentum. In the last several weeks, the EU and the White House called for their release, thousands joined protests outside of the Egyptian Embassy in London, executives from other major news organizations signed an open letter calling for their release, and many on Twitter continue to raise awareness with the hashtag #FreeAJStaff.

With our colleagues still detained and vital press freedoms still at stake, on Feb. 27, Al Jazeera called for a global day of solidarity and support for journalists who have been detained, mistreated or stifled in Egypt. Since Feb. 21, over 55,000 people have used #FreeAJStaff to raise awareness.

Participate in our campaign by posting a photo on Instagram and Twitter using #FreeAJStaff. You can see the photos below or on our #FreeAJStaff Tumblr page.

Learn more about our #FreeAJStaff campaign from our colleagues at Al Jazeera English and The Stream.