Map: Reliving Superstorm Sandy, one year later

October 17, 2013 6:00PM ET

Readers share their experiences of weathering the historic storm that battered the East Coast

Sandy Anniversary

One year ago, Superstorm Sandy battered the Eastern seaboard of the United States. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that the historic hurricane led to 147 direct deaths, damaged or destroyed about 650,000 houses, and left approximately 8.5 million people without power.

With the anniversary of Sandy approaching, we're inviting Al Jazeera America audience to share memories of the experience — moments of shock, fear, companionship, inspiration, resiliency — that remain with us today. We're collecting your photos, videos, and stories from Superstorm Sandy and plotting them below.

  1. Submit your name, location, and experience using the form to the right. You don't need to submit your complete address: an intersection, neighborhood, or town will suffice. Please include your state. Examples:

  • Intersection: Metropolitan and Roebling, NY
  • Neighborhood: Battery Park City, NY
  • Town: Ocean City, NJ

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    By Jared Keller and Dominica Lim. Video data verified and formatted by Storyful.