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Will US deal with Cuba be good for the Cuban people?

Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, a former Director of Cuban Affairs at the State Department, weighs in

US-Cuban relations

Why are colleges trying so hard to recruit applicants?

Thomas Frank, a columnist at Salon who writes about education, says come colleges have become 'predatory institutions'

College Board

Can excess praise damage our kids?

Dr. Jeff Gardere, a mental health expert and Denise Albert, co-host of 'The Moms' on Sirius XM Radio, weigh in

Consider This

Welcome to the show

Consider This is a current affairs program dedicated to challenging the status quo. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Antonio Mora, the show features hard-hitting interviews with newsmakers and nightly panel discussions on issues important to American viewers.

We aim to cultivate a dynamic conversation about the issues that matter to you, and your voice is critical to that dialogue. We invite you to join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Meet Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora


Best-known nationally for his four years as the news anchor, senior correspondent and regular substitute host for "Good Morning America,” this veteran television reporter joins Al Jazeera America as the host of Consider This. Read his full bio here.

Meet Hermela Aregawi

Antonio Mora


Hermela Aregawi is the social media producer for Consider This. Join our conversation by following her on Twitter, "liking" her on Facebook, or recording a video comment and Hermela may share your questions on air. Learn more about Hermela in this Q & A.


Meet the Staff

Digital Story of the Day

Bosnia: More than 4 million affected by floods

At least 40 have died in flooding that devastated the Balkans, Bosnian official compares destruction to the 1992-95 war

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