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Oct 28
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Can soccer trading cards create a new kind of hero for Afghanistan?

Ten of Topps' Roshan Afghan Premier League trading cards.
Consider This

Topps Co. is known for baseball and football cards, but now the New York based-company is trying to build on Afghanistan's soccer fever. This month, Topps and the Roshan Afghan Premier League released 96 different cards, featuring star players from the league's eight teams, which represent different parts of the country.

Officials at the Afghan league, which formed in 2012, and Topps executives hope that the new cards can excite and inspire the Afghan population, which has a median age of about 18.

Shafic Gawhari, the co-commissioner of the Roshan Afghan Premier League, told the Wall Street Journal, "At the moment, we have only heroes from the war. We don't have musicians, or artists or sportsmen as heroes." 

Tonight, Gawhari and Chris Rodman, a vice president and group managing director at Topps, will join Consider This host Antonio Mora to talk about these new trading cards.

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