Sep 2 8:00 PM

Will growing tensions with Russia derail Obama’s plans for Syria?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands in Moscow's Kremlin in 2005.
Sergei Chirikov/ AFP/ Getty Images

Syria: What will Russia do? Is there proof of alleged chemical weapons use?

As the Senate prepares to hold a Foreign Relations Committee hearing on U.S. military plans for Syria this Tuesday, some political observers are turning an eye to Russia. On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he was “not convinced” by a U.S. report that claims the Syrian government used sarin gas against its own people.

Hillary Mann Leverett, a former White House and State Department official, and Robert O’Brien, a former U.S. alternate representative to the United Nations and senior foreign policy advisor for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will join Consider This host Antonio Mora to talk about how Russian officials view U.S. plans for Syria. Richard Butler, a former Australian ambassador to the UN and former UN chief weapons inspector in Iraq, will then join Mora to talk about the U.S. findings on Syrian weapons.

Can Facebook affect your state of mind?

Social media platforms are intended to improve people’s lives by keeping users connected with friends and family, but a new study suggests otherwise. Researchers at the University of Michigan who studied a group of college students say that subjects who frequently used Facebook showed “negative shifts” in their momentary mental state and overall well-being. Antonio Mora will consider what the study could mean in light of Facebook’s more than one billion users.

American men fail to advance in the U.S. Open

Tim Smyczek was the last American men’s tennis player eliminated from this year’s U.S. Open. Smyczek’s loss means that the United States will not be represented in the men’s round of 16 for the first time since this tournament was held in 1881. Tennis Channel founder Steve Bellamy will join Antonio Mora to serve up discussion about the state of U.S. men’s tennis. 


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