Sep 4 9:30 PM

Has the State Department learned from the Benghazi mission attack?

A flaming car burns by the U.S. consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, when the diplomatic mission came under attack.
STR/ AFP/ Getty Images

Benghazi: What went wrong?

As Al Jazeera’s investigative unit has found an internal U.S. government report that discusses ongoing, unresolved security issues at diplomatic locations, Consider This host Antonio Mora looks at last year's attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. His guests are Fred Burton and Samuel Katz, the authors of "Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi."

States take on federal gun laws

Two Colorado state senators who backed state gun control laws are now facing recall votes. Meanwhile, Wyoming has passed a law that prevents federal agents from enforcing federal gun laws, and Missouri lawmakers are expected to override a veto on a similar bill. Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who signed a bill exempting Montana-made guns from federal gun laws, discusses the topic with Antonio Mora.

Are dietary supplements safe?

Last month, an FDA top official said that 70 percent of dietary supplement manufacturers do not follow the agency's regulations. Jon Entine, a senior fellow at the Center for Health and Risk Communication at George Mason University, and Darrell Rogers, the campaign and communications director for the Alliance for Natural Health, join Antonio Mora to discuss the state of the dietary supplement industry. 

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