Aug 20 11:42 AM

Made in Bangladesh

Andrew Biraj/Reuters

After deadly factory disasters in Bangladesh, Fault Lines investigates if retailers like Walmart and Gap know where their clothes are being made.

In November 2012, a fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory in Bangladesh killed at least 112 people. Walmart’s Faded Glory brand shorts were among the clothing found in the charred remains. Walmart blamed its supplier, saying the order had been sub-contracted to Tazreen without its authorization. Fault Lines obtained documents related to the order and investigates whether Walmart has lost control of its supply chain in Bangladesh. We speak to the owner of the factory at the center of the Faded Glory order that ended up in Tazreen, as well as other players directly involved in the order. We also interview an auditor who gives us an insider’s perspective on the way Walmart gets its clothing made. And we visit factories where Old Navy pants are being worked on by children as young as 12.


Executive Producer: Mat Skene, Producer: Laila Al-Arian, Correspondent: Anjali Kamat, Camera: Tim Grucza, Andy Bowley, Editor: Warwick Meade, Additional Camera: Joel Van Haren, Omar Mullick, Senior Producer: Paul Sapin, Rana Plaza footage: Laura Gutierrez, Translation: Anuradha Hashemi, Sound recordist: Masrur Rahman Masud, Additional production/research assistance: Nafeesa Syeed, Jonathan Klett, Mark Scialla, David Michaels, Omar Duwaji, Paul Abowd, Rezaur Rehman, Saydia Kamal, and Drik.

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