Mar 14 9:30 PM

Death in Plain Sight

Singeli Agnew for Al Jazeera America

Fault Lines travels to South Carolina to investigate the epidemic of domestic violence homicide, and whether weak laws are putting women's lives at risk.

The mass shootings in Littleton, Newtown, and the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard have become a rallying cry for gun control in America. Yet, on average, every day across the country at least three women are killed by intimate partners, the majority shot to death.

Guns and domestic violence are a lethal combination in the U.S. In many states, domestic abusers can easily evade federal background checks by ordering a gun online, purchasing it at a gun show, or buying it from a private seller. Even when public outrage pushed the gun control debate to center stage, the U.S. Senate blocked a federal proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases.

Fault Lines travels to South Carolina, a state with the highest rate of women killed by men, to explore the circumstances that put women at risk of domestic violence homicide.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Mathieu Skene SENIOR PRODUCER: Carrie Lozano @carrielozano CORRESPONDENT: Teresa Bo @TeresaBo PRODUCER: Cassandra Herrman @CassandraH EDITORS: Adrienne Haspel @Hadrika88 DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Singeli Agnew @singeli ADDITIONAL CAMERA: Zach Stauffer PRODUCTION MANAGER: Dana Merwin DIGITAL PRODUCTION: Danielle Powell @daniellejenene, Kristen Taylor @kthread, Nikhil Swaminathan @sw4mi RESEARCH & PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE: Special Thanks to Lauren Rosenfeld @Lollymr, Shannon Najmabadi @SNajmabadi, Gavin McIntyre @Gavin_McI,Melissa Etehad @melissaetehad, Yousur Alhlou @YousurAlhlou, and Dariel Medina @Darielm

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