Fault Lines - Mexico's Vigilante State - full episode

December 7, 2015 2:00PM ET

Fault Lines travels to the Mexican state of Michoacán where vigilante groups are taking on powerful drug cartels

Drug Cartels

Thousands of vigilantes have taken up arms to fight the Knights Templar drug cartel that has been terrorizing communities in the state of Michoacán. Businessmen, farmers and even doctors have gone on the offensive to take back their towns and protect their families from extortion, rape, and murder at the hands of organized crime.

Fault Lines travels to the western Mexican state to follow the chaos unfolding there and examine how the federal government is attempting to control the complex situation on the ground.

Is this a popular uprising, or part of the same never-ending cycle of armed conflict that has routinely scarred the people of this agricultural state?

Original air date: May 3, 2014

Executive Producer: Mathieu Skene, Senior Producers: Carrie Lozano @carrielozano, Reem Akkad @reemakkad, Correspondent: Teresa Bo @TeresaBo, Producer: Singeli Agnew @singeli, Director of Photography: Singeli Agnew, Editor: Adrienne Haspel @adihaspel, Field Producer: Daniel Fernandez, Fixers: Alan Ortega, Roberto Huitron, Sound Recording: Jorge Torres, Production Managers: Dana Merwin @dana_merwin, Senior Digital Producer: Kristen Taylor @kthread, Digital Producer: Nikhil Swaminathan @sw4mi, Associate Digital Producer Danielle Powell @DanielleJenene, Research and Production Assistance: Kavitha Chekuru @KaviChek, Gavin McIntyre @gavin_mci, Shannon Najmabadi @SNajmabadi, Andra Cernavskis @AndraCernavskis, Translation: Pascal Azocar, Jasmin Lopez, Sergio Ceballos, Lauren Rosenfeld @lollymr, Archival Footage: Jerome Sessini, Nikolas Tapia, Agencia Informativa Esquena, Special Thanks: Jose Fernandez Ramos, Edgardo Buscaglia @edbuscaglia, Alejandro Hope @ahope71, Nik Steinberg @niksteinberg, Dawn Paley @dawn, Simon Sedillo, Nikolas Tapia

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