Farm worker: 'They sell their product for so much, they pay us so little'

by @joshrushing June 22, 2015 3:30PM ET

Where do the berries and tomatoes in many US supermarkets come from?

Low-wage Workers

In "Invisible Hands," Fault Lines investigates why Mexican farm workers, who pick the produce that ends up on tables in the U.S., are paid such low wages. The film airs on Monday, June 22, at 10 pm Eastern time/7 pm Pacific on Al Jazeera America. | Click here to find Al Jazeera in your area.


Tens of thousands of farm workers in the Mexican state of Baja California's San Quintin Valley walked off the job in mid-March to protest years of working long hours and being paid low wages. These laborers pick berries, tomatoes and other produce, up to 90 percent of which ends up in the U.S.

While reporting the new Fault Lines film, "Invisible Hands," Correspondent Josh Rushing captured the daily lives of many of these workers who struggle to make ends meet. Below are some of the scenes he observed: