Dec 5 2:44 PM

The future of medicine

We took a look at some of the innovative prototypes doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs are innovating to change the future of healthcare – from FutureMed – a conference in San Diego that looks at the intersection of medicine and technology. 

Doctors, entrepreneurs and innovators showed off prototypes and some devices already on the market that they hope will change healthcare. Innovators believe that very soon, people will be able to gather data about their health with different gadgets on their smart phone and beam it to their doctor for diagnosis. 

It’s an industry with a lot of possibility. Here are just a few examples of the future of medicine.


Diagnostic imaging on your smartphone. Cellscope is an otoscope attachment you can click onto your smartphone to take videos inside your ear that you can then send to your doctor for diagnosis.

The long-term goal is to reduce doctor’s visits for easily diagnosed illness like an ear infection.


Doctors will be able to monitor your recovery remotely. Snap pictures every day of a wound or incision, and upload the image to a private site so your doctor can see how you’re healing without a trip to the doctor’s office.


Sensors embedded in socks, sports bras and shirts that do everything from track your pulse to monitor the pressure distribution on the soles of your feet – all beamed to your smart phone.


Taking telemedicine to a whole new level. Developed software that enables people to do physical therapy from home, with an interactive TV screen that takes people through repetitions and beams performance data back to their doctor.

Morpheus Medical

A non-invasive sonogram that can see inside the heart – in 3D- with flow and pressure using a simple eight-minute MRI with computational processing.

They’re testing it now at Stanford and hope it will revolutionize understanding heart failure and helps millions of people.


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