TechKnow 114: Bionic arms & high-tech policing

December 8, 2013 4:00PM ET

Prosthetics and bionic limbs, plus new technology for police departments


Join our expert contributors Phil Torres, Lindsay Moran, and Crystal Dilworth as they explore new technology and its impact on our lives. Lindsay learns how police departments are using lapel cameras and acoustic sensors to maximize efficiency and reduce crime. Phil meets the creators and users of specialized prosthetics and bionic limbs. And Crystal visits Napa Valley to learn how vineyards are using science to make better wine.

More on bionic arms, high-tech police & wine

Advanced Arm Dynamics

Advanced Arm Dynamics is a prosthetics clinic specializing in comprehensive upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation. Their teams of doctors, technicians, and occupatinal therapists work together to design specialized prosthetics for individual patient needs.


ShotSpotter is a gunfire detection system that uses audio sensors to analyze gunfire and alert police. The system can also give detailed information about the shooting to officers, including the location and direction of the shots and the exact timing and number of shots fired.

Shafer Vineyards

Shafer Vineyards got its start in California's Napa Valley in 1978 and in 2004, became the first winery in the United States to transition to 100 percent solar power. They also utilize weather stations to track temperature and humidity conditions in the vineyard, optical sorters to select the best grapes, and an air purification system in the wine cellers to keep impurities away from the wine as it ferments. 

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