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What Michael Brown's stepdad said before he climbed onto the car

In exclusive footage from after the grand jury's decision, Louis Head says, "If I get up there, I'm gonna start a riot"

FERGUSON, Mo. – After a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown, Brown’s stepfather, in a now-infamous scene, stood above a crowd and repeatedly screamed, "Burn this bitch down." Police are now investigating whether those were the cries of a hurting man, or words intended to incite a riot.

America Tonight's cameras also caught those heated moments up close. And before Louis Head climbed onto the car, before he comforted his distraught wife and yelled to the gathered throngs, he seemed to reply to an unidentified man in the crowd with the statement: "If I get up there, I'm gonna start a riot. Burn this bitch down."

For the first time, we're publishing the two key minutes of America Tonight's raw footage. He makes that specific comment at the 16-second mark.

On Wednesday, Head issued an apology through the Brown family attorney.

"I screamed out words that I shouldn’t have screamed in the heat of the moment," Head said in a statement sent to media outlets. "It was wrong and I humbly apologize to all of those who read my pain and anger as true desire for what I want for our community. It wasn’t."

Officials are looking into Head's comments as part of a broader investigation into the civil unrest that followed the grand jury announcement, which left 12 buildings in Ferguson destroyed by fire.

"In the end, I've lived in this community for a long time," Head's statement continued. "The last thing I truly wanted was to see it go up in flames. In spite of my frustration, it really hurt to see that."

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