Fault Lines - Collect It All: America's Surveillance State - full episode

October 7, 2015 3:30PM ET

Fault Lines investigates the fallout over the NSA's mass data collection programs in the US and abroad


After 9/11, the NSA vastly expanded its programs and began collecting the data of Americans—not just foreigners, as it had been before.

As surveillance became more pervasive at the local level, in New York, the NYPD began a directive, with the help of two former CIA officials, to surveil Muslim life at all levels: from mosques to cafes, as well as infiltrating organizations and student groups. 

In Washington D.C., the NSA program is being debated in the halls of Congress. Members of Congress from across the political spectrum and security officials, such as General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, are grappling with questions about whether Americans now live in a surveillance state.

Fault Lines investigates the fallout over the NSA’s mass data collection programs by speaking to the people at the center of the story, including Alexander and journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Original air date: November 1, 2013


Executive Producer: Mathieu Skene, Correspondent: Josh Rushing @joshrushing, Producer: Laila Al-Arian @LailaAlarian, Directors of Photography: Joel Van Haren @joelvanharen, Víctor Tadashi Suárez @tadashi_lives, Paul Abowd @paulabowd, Editor: Warwick Meade @warwickmeade, Associate Producer: Nafeesa Syed @NafeesaSyeed, Additional Camera: Doug Gritzmacher, Thierry Humeau, Nicole Salazar @nicoleasalazar, Production Manager: Amma Prempeh, Research and Production Assistance: Omar Duwaji, Laurin-Whitney Gottbrath, Michelle Koepp, Special Thanks to Ali Al-Arian, Ryan Gerety, CLEAR project at CUNY School of Law

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