TechKnow 104: Firefighting drones, predictive policing & eco-packaging

September 15, 2013 6:59PM ET

How drones fight wildfires, police use data to predict crime, and sustainable packaging made from mushrooms


Join our expert contributors Phil Torres, Marita Davison, Crystal Dilworth and Lindsay Moran as they explore how a remotely piloted Predator drone helped fight the Rim fire in Yosemite National Park, investigate the use of advanced data in predictive police work and explore how one company is replacing polystyrene packaging with mushrooms.

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PredPol software uses a statistical model developed for predicting earthquake aftershocks to analyze crime data and pinpoint high-risk areas within a city. The software helps cash-strapped police departments maximize efficiency by sending cops to patrol the areas where crimes are most likely to occur.


Ecovative Design is a material science company creating plastic, insulation, and styrofoam alternatives using mushrooms' mycelium root structure. They recently won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge for their innovative, eco-friendly products. 

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