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Is the Ivy League worth the price?

Does an Ivy League education guarantee a return on investment? A panel of former students debates the impact

As students across the U.S. head back to school, a Columbia University Alum penned a scathing article on the pitfalls of chasing an elite degree, saying it produces “robotic students who are bright and directionless,” going as far as telling parents “don’t send your kid to an Ivy League school.” He also claimed the system manufactures smart, talented young people with little intellectual curiosity and sense of purpose.  How does defining success play into these shortcomings and what is college really for?  The Stream debates the so-called low creativity of higher education.



William Deresiewicz / @WDeresiewicz / Veteran Ivy League Professor / Author, “Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of The American Elite” 

Lawrence E. Adjah /@adjah_I / President, The Harvard Black Alumni Society / Harvard Graduate 

Andrew Giambrone / @AndrewGiambrone / Editorial Fellow at The Atlantic / Yale Graduate

Nina Terrero / @Nina_Terrero / Cornell & Columbia  University Grad / Entertainment Weekly Correspondent

Randi Weingarten / @rweingarten /President American Federation of Teachers 

Neal McCluskey / @NealMcCluskey / CATO Institute

Dan Fuller / @cisnationa / Communities in Schools 

L’ Heureux Lewis-McCoy / @dumilewis / Associate Professor at the City College of New York - CUNY / Author, "Inequality in the Promised Land"

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