David Duke talks to Ray Suarez

Perhaps once America’s most famous racist, today David Duke calls himself a reformed Klansman

Ray Suarez: When the Steve Scalise story broke, a lot of people thought, "Well, David Duke. There's a name I haven't heard in a while." I think if it wasn't the beginning of a new Congress with an enlarged Republican majority, if Rep. [Steve] Scalise wasn't the third-ranking Republican in the leadership, this might have sort of passed everyone's notice. Did you think the congressman was telling the truth when he said he had no idea what the organization was or your connection with it?

David Duke: Well, I have no idea. I heard that he was there. But again, I didn't find any confirmation. But I'm just surprised and shocked that it would be a big deal if he was there. If you read the newspapers, you'd think I was in the KKK today. And obviously that's not so — 35 years ago. 

Mr. Scalise — if he was there, he wasn't attending a Klan meeting. He was attending an organization called the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, which is an organization for the preservation and the values of Western European civilization. That's what it's about. And it's truly a civil rights organization.

Now it certainly is oriented toward European-Americans. No question about it. But we also have Hispanic-American groups of which you've been a part. We have black organizations. We have many, many Jewish organizations, very powerful organizations in this country working for what they consider to be the Jewish agenda or the Israeli agenda.

Yet having said that, he backpedaled pretty quickly, disavowed any knowledge of what the organization stands for. Why do you think he had to do that? 

I think it's a couple of factors. I think the fact is that the media in this country — and I realize everybody's got different points of view — I don't believe European-Americans control the country anymore. I believe the Zionists control the country.

They literally control the top financing of the Republican and Democratic Party. They certainly control every major Hollywood studio. They control most of our international conglomerates. They control international banking. They have a lot of power.

European-Americans I don't think would've changed immigration laws in America that would make European-Americans a minority in this country. That's where we're headed very quickly — in fact, a tiny minority.

The idea that European-Americans are in the descent, no longer control the country — that would a pretty counterintuitive notion for a lot of people watching this program.

I know that.

Their family income far outstrips that of other Americans. Almost every United States senator, 43 out of 44 American presidents, virtually every college president — all but historically black colleges — the big, high-profile positions in this country have traditionally been held by people who are the descendants of those who came to this country mostly in the 19th but into the 20th century, before we changed the immigration laws. The idea that they're in the descent, that they're on the run, that they need their civil rights protected is kind of counterintuitive.

In a way what you're saying doesn't speak very well of European-Americans. And the fact that just because they're European-Americans doesn't mean that they're not corrupt and they're not controlled. Political process in America goes like this — the largest political financiers in America absolutely are Zionists.

I think that every people have a right to be concerned about their heritage, including European-Americans. I think our heritage has been replaced. Hollywood is not, to me, an expression of European values. Thousands of movies preach drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, all sorts of degeneracy to our young people, both black and white in America. It's disgusting. The same thing is true of a lot of the music industry. I blame these record producers, which also happen to be big Jewish Zionists, by the way. Completely.

It's hurting European-Americans and African-Americans and Hispanic Americans and everyone else. And this is the one group you can't criticize in America. You can criticize European-Americans. You can call them a privileged class. The "white privilege" is a very common word we use. But how is it … when we have all these major studios, which have a tremendous impact on the values that we believe in, and not one single American studio is controlled by European-Americans. Not a single studio. The last one was Walt Disney. Now it's controlled by [Bob] Iger. Before him, it was [Michael] Eisner. Not a single studio. Talk about diversity.

But I think if we if we got Eisner and Iger into this room, two huge American entertainment executives, they would tell a family story about their families coming to this country from Europe as well. They're Europeans too. To remove them from Europe is nonsense.

I don't remove them from Europe. They remove themselves from Europe. They look at themselves a distinct people not only to Europeans but everybody else on the planet. And it's a very ethnic-oriented organization.

For instance, I was criticized a few years ago because I said if there was large amounts of immigration into my country and large amounts of intermarriage that the character of our people would change. And I would like to see the character of people remain.

Every major Jewish organization in America, such as the American Jewish Committee, which is, in fact, a worldwide organization and as far as Israel's concerned, they have programs to prevent Jewish intermarriage. In Israel you can't even — a Jewish person cannot even marry a non-Jewish person.

‘I was criticized a few years ago because I said if there was large amounts of immigration into my country and large amounts of intermarriage that the character of our people would change and I would like to see the character of people remain.’

David Duke

If you look over the history of the last couple of centuries, it would be hard to find a group of people who have been set apart by the majorities in the countries where they live for elimination, expulsion, persecution, wholesale murder in some cases, widespread suppression of culture, religious practice. It's just really hard to find a parallel throughout European history, certainly, to European Jewry when it comes to that. And it's not because I've been deceived in school or something.

There's no question that Jews have been persecuted. But I don't think that's the issue. I'm not talking about self-protection here. I'm talking about trying to control the political. The most powerful lobby in the American government, by far, over any domestic lobby, certainly any foreign lobby is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The reason they have this power is not because they are the only people with smarts. It's because they are very tribal. They support each other. They network with each other. They give each other a true privilege, and that's the true privilege in this country. Harvard — 25 percent of the student body at Harvard is Jewish … if 98 percent of European-Americans can't get similar to their percentage of the population in the leading institution of America, is that white privilege? 

Your idea that the essential nature of the country will change as the demographics of the country change. I wonder if you think America won't be essentially America.

I already see an America that's not the America that I grew up in as a young man. We have every major movie, it seems like for young people today, promotes all sorts of during use, disillusion, drinking yourself into stupor and death. In fact, 25,000 kids die a year.

They're producing the culture that's destroying this country. I don't believe Hollywood represents the values. Another good example is this. America now is torturing people. And whether or not we torture them in a CIA place somewhere around the world or whether we send them in rendition to some henchman and another tortures them, this is not the beliefs my forefathers had. This is something, by the way, again we learn from Israel. 

But the defenders of torture were a cross-section of America, starting with the president, from one of the oldest and most distinguished families in the country; Donald Rumsfeld; John Yoo, the descendant of Asian immigrants; Alberto Gonzalez, the descendant of Mexican immigrates. It was a we-are-the-world moment. You got us to Israel again, somehow.

This is the main issue of the world. We talk about globalism and the world. I believe in the right of every people on this planet to be free and independent. And the globalists are basically trying to say that we must have this global empire. And who's it going to be run by? The international banks and by these very corrupt governments who are controlled by the finances of these banks?

Ray Suarez and David Duke

It's estimated by the Census Bureau and by other demographers that in 2042, 2043, somewhere around then, more Americans will trace their journey to this country from Asia, Africa and Latin America than from Europe. Will you be comfortable in that country? I mean, I know I'll be at home there. Will you?

Of course it's a big turning point. And to say that it's not a turning point, if you just look at for instance, here's European-Americans are still 63 percent of the population.

And you look at the voting numbers, OK? And then you look at the voting numbers of African-Americans, the voting numbers of Mexican-Americans and other groups, there's a big dichotomy. And so the European-American obviously has got to recognize the fact that if he does become a minority, if this continues on, if the immigration continues on unstopped and that if he believes in the idea that he has a right to have a gun to protect himself in a very lawless land that right could very well perish.

And I think that there's no question, and my book documents it — again, my book "Jewish Supremacism" documents the fact that the Zionists have literally dominated the immigration change in this country. In fact, they boast about the fact that they dominated it. 

I'll just put it one last way, because this’ll make it more clear, OK? If European-Americans still had a country where the media was controlled by our people for our interests, truly the majority interest of this country, we had a financial system that was in our own interest and we have a government in our own true interest, I don't think Israel would even exist. I don't think the Palestinians would have been driven out with terror and murder and Palestine. And I don't think we'd be supporting the crimes of Israel.

‘The Zionists have literally dominated the immigration change in this country. In fact, they boast about the fact that they dominated it.’

David Duke

But in all respect, sir, once again, I asked you a question about life in America. A very simple question. Are you going to be a comfortable place for you to live? Is it still going to be recognizably America, that 2043 place? 

Well, that's because the biggest single expenditure if you want to talk about one project or one aspect of our government's expenditure over the last 10 years has been the Iraq War. It's now going to be a $3 trillion or $4 trillion war. Do you realize the social problems we could solve with that?

That affects our quality of life in America. So as long as this system continues, as long as this divide and conquer scenario continues, there's no question in my mind that this country's going to fall down on its quality. As a person who deals with European-Americans both in politics and out every day, if I talk to anybody and say, "How do you think this country's going?" Overwhelmingly they'd say it's going to hell. And I believe it's going to hell.

This is not the America I grew up in. And I love America. I will fight to my last breath to save America and to preserve America, and I think we can do it. But we can only preserve America, and the Palestinians and the other peoples of the world can only be free if we, ourselves, in America and Europe are free again from this tiny minority that controls our lives.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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