Mar 19 3:00 PM

Chew on this: TechKnow's best food science

On this week's episode, Marita Davison explores new robotics technology for farms and vineyards, but "TechKnow" has been covering farming and food science stories since our very first episode. Here's a look at some of our most popular food stories:


Check out Marita's Q&A from the field, learn more about sous-vide cooking in a "TechKnow Need to Know" and read Lauren Ina's producer's blog on getting to shoot a "foodie" story in New York and Los Angeles.



Learn more about Shafer Vineyards, a Napa winery that's using wireless weather stations and optical sorters to help it grow the best grapes on the "TechKnow" blog. Check out the "TechKnow Need to Know" to read about five ways that innovative new technology is helping perfect a centuries-old craft.


Read about scientists' hope that RNA interference could save orange trees from citrus greening and learn how the treatment could be applied to human diseases in "TechKnow" producer Joanne Shen's blog. Plus, producer James Gannon writes about a more controversial genetic modification treatment.


Read more from Rachelle on what the rising acidity of ocean water means for oysters, as well as for the ocean ecosystem as a whole, on the "TechKnow" blog.


Learn how Beyond Meat turns vegetable protein into a fake chicken strip in the "TechKnow Need to Know," check out "TechKnow" producer Suzanne Ziont's blog on vegetarian lifestyle options and read contributor (and professed carnivore) Marita Davison's take on going meatless.


Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from Phil's bug-eating adventure, read a "TechKnow Need to Know" on the benefits and stigmas of insect eating and learn more about how entomophagy could parallel sushi's cultural culinary acceptance in the U.S. in producer Suzanne Ziont's blog.


To see more stories on innovative food science and technology, watch "TechKnow," Saturdays 7ET/4PT, on Al Jazeera America.



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